RealSteel EDC Knife Roll Bag

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*Only from the Chinese Warehouse.
  • 4 (25mm/0.98’width) pen pockets
  • 14 (50mm/1.96’width ) knife/gear pockets
  • 4 (70mm/2.75’) tool pockets
  • 1 full body (70mm/2.75’width) concealed kitchen knife pocket with extra strong Velcro flap. 29cm length.

The EDC is the epitome of convenience. With the ability to hold up to 23 individual pieces of gear and rap them up and ready to is the definition of EDC. The bag is made from the the highest quality black canvas with the interior heaving a notable moisture absorbent brown padding tp prevent moisture accumulation.

Coming in at 32cm/12.5’ in overall width and 62.5cm/24.60’ the roll has the capacity to fit a plethora of different sized tools. The interior of the bag has 23 individual pockets broken down to;

To keep all this gear in one place there is an elastic bind that runs down the middle that gear can be passed under. To further secure the tools inside, a double row of super strong adjustable Velcro straps straddle the whole interior. When in closed (rolled up) state and full of gear the two adjustable straps keep the whole bag together.

The have been double stitched to the bag to ensure strong and long lasting security. Lanyard loops have been attached to the exterior for ease of carry using a strap.

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