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Discover Real Steel Custom Exclusive Knives with Premium Blade Steels
Explore our selection of top-notch blade steels, including popular choices like 14C28N, N690, K110, Nitro-V, and D2, renowned for their exceptional properties, ideal for crafting high-quality knives.

We've successfully executed 100+ custom projects, catering to leading industry names such as B. Böker, Knives and Tools, Heinnie Haynes, BRK, Blade HQ, Knife Center, Lamnia, and White Mountains.

Our expertise in design, development, capacity, flexibility, and staying attuned to market trends ensures your vision finds the perfect expression.

Trust us to guide you in market analysis, design, material selection, processing, and timely delivery, collaborating closely with designers for optimal results.

At RSK, we offer a seamless customization journey from idea to delivery, providing a comprehensive range of customization options. Experience our efficient one-stop service for all your custom knife needs.


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