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Real Steel Knives was born in the heart of Hangzhou, China, in 2013. Since then, our dedicated artisans have meticulously crafted a diverse range of products, establishing us as leaders in various product lines.

Collaborating with accomplished designers, we create knives that seamlessly blend aesthetics and durability.We prioritize reliability and ease of use in every knife. Our sleek designs conceal a robust inner construction, complete with intuitive one-handed backup mechanisms. Every component undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring a consistently exceptional experience.

Innovation & Creation

  • ‘Beta Plus’ Frame Lock

    In 2014, we introduced the newly designed 'Beta Plus' lock on our H6-S1 model. This innovative safety lock is specifically designed for frame lock knives, offering enhanced security through one-handed blade opening and a lock bar that secures in the open position.

  • '101 Safety' Liner Lock

    Our discreet '101 Safety' mechanism, attached to the blade's back, provides unwavering stability. It withstands even the extreme 'Spinewhack' test, ensuring your blade won't budge. Find this rock-solid security in our T101 liner lock knife.

  • 'P7' For Button Lock

    After seven prototypes, we perfected the 'P7' Button Lock. Its seamless integration into the handle ensures a comfortable grip without compromising security. Experience this smooth and reliable lock mechanism in our E775 model.

  • ‘Mutex-Alpha’ Back Lock

    Our innovative 'Mutex Alpha' lanyard lock adds an extra layer of safety by securing your knife with its carrying strap. This prevents accidental opening, giving you peace of mind. Find this feature on our H7 back lock model.

  • Support System 'i-Adapter'

    Our rotatable belt adapter offers flexibility and dependability, allowing for customized adjustment for your needs.

ATS for Slip joint

ATS stands for “Adjustable Tension System” and is a system specially developed for slip joint folding knives that solves the problem of spring tension. Its principle is to change the pivot position of the back spring by rotating the eccentric (the spacer sleeve in the middle of the handle), thereby changing the spring tension. There are three levels of adjustable spring tension: high, medium, and low. Operating the ATS is extremely easy. All you need to do is turn the middle screw clockwise with a wrench. The stages alternate in the order 0-1-2-3-2-1-0, and each stage corresponds to a clear position. The Ventus is our first knife model to use the ATS.

G10 Back Spring

G10 is known as a handle material, but using it as a functional part is a bold innovation from RSK. It has two main features: 1. Color (customization). The color of the back spring should match the handle or you can freely adjust the color. 2. Lighter weight. A steel insert is embedded where the back spring contacts the blade to ensure long life. RSK has carried out extensive strength and durability tests on the G10 back spring so you can use it with confidence. The first models with G10 back springs were Luna, Stella, and Solis, which we called the LUX series.

Folded Integral Frame

The folded handle is made from a single piece of sheet metal and replaces the steel liners of the traditional structure. The advantages are obvious: the stable structure, fewer screws are required and the overall weight is lower. RSK's first folding knife with a folded handle is the Sacra, which is equipped with Crossbar Lock. This locking system places extremely high demands on machining accuracy and also results in the uniquely smooth feel of the Sacra. This one-piece structure is versatile: linerlock, backlock, slipjoint, crossbarlock, etc. are options.

Interchangeable Scales

The ability to replace the handle scales without affecting the construction is the wish of many fans, which RSK has now responded to. RSK's interchangeable scales have two main features: 1. After the scale is removed, the knife can still be used. 2. You only need to tighten/loosen a single screw on one side to change the scale. The first knife with this creation was the RB-5. RSK offers G10 in various colors, as well as titanium and copper scales.