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Unveil the Avangard, an exquisite masterpiece meticulously crafted by the renowned artisan Ivan Braginets. This premium knife seamlessly fuses captivating aesthetics with top-tier performance, establishing itself as an indispensable companion for knife enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike.

At its core, the Avangard boasts a precision-crafted blade forged from elite M390 stainless steel, the preferred choice of master knifemakers. This exceptional steel not only guarantees outstanding durability but also maintains a razor-sharp edge for enduring cutting prowess. The Avangard's blade features a timeless drop-point design with a subtle top swedge, adding an elegant dimension to its overall profile.

The Avangard's allure is further enhanced by intricate decorative elements adorning both the titanium backspacer and frame lock, elevating this knife to the status of a genuine work of art. Experience the epitome of craftsmanship and performance in the Avangard – where form and function unite seamlessly, setting a new standard in high-end knife design.

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