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Discover the Real Barlow RB-5, where classic design meets modern functionality. This collection by RSK features the innovative RB-5, a pocket knife that redefines versatility and style. With its 70mm Bohler N690 blade, known for sharpness and durability, the RB-5 excels in both aesthetics and performance.

🔹 Interchangeable G10 Handle Scales: Personalize your knife to suit your style.

🔹 Two Blade Options: Choose between Drop Point and Clip Point for diverse applications.

🔹 Bohler N690 Blade: Experience exceptional sharpness and durability.

🔹 Reversible Deep Carry Clip: Convenient and adaptable carrying options.

🔹 Legal Carry Design: Compliant with strict knife laws.

🔹 Versatile Use: Ideal for outdoor activities, everyday carry, and emergency preparedness.

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