Real Steel Ventus Clip Point 3.03'' N690 Stonewash Blade ,Brown TC4 Handle and 3D Clip, Slip Joint EDC Knife, Adjustable Tension by Poltergeistworks

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Overall Length

181 mm / 7.12''

Closed Length

105 mm / 4.13''

Blade Length

77 mm / 3.03''

Blade Thickness

2.6 mm / 0.1''

Blade Material


Blade Hardness

58-60 HRC

Blade Style

Blade Finish


Handle Material



96 g /  3.39 oz

Lock Type

Slip Joint



Made in




Discover the Ultimate Elegance of Ventus: A Masterpiece in Slipjoint Knife Engineering

Introducing Ventus, the latest and most innovative addition to the renowned slipjoint knife family from Poltergeistworks. Joining its successful predecessors - Luna, Stella, and Solis - Ventus stands out with its aggressive design and technical sophistication, making it a must-have for knife enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Tension System (ATS): A standout feature in the Ventus design, this system allows for unparalleled customization of blade tension, catering to the specific preferences of each user.

  • Superior Clip Point Blade: Crafted with the finest N690 steel, the Ventus clip point blade is not only razor-sharp but also artistically designed with an enhanced fuller, ensuring both performance and aesthetic appeal.

  • Exceptional TC4 Handle and 3D Clip: The intricate detailing in the TC4 handle, coupled with a state-of-the-art 3D pocket clip, offers a grip that is as luxurious as it is secure.

Revolutionizing Control: Adjustable Tension System (ATS)

A defining feature of Ventus, setting it apart in the world of slipjoint knives, is its patented Adjustable Tension System (ATS). This innovative mechanism marks a significant leap in user control and personalization. Traditional slipjoint knives come with a fixed tension, leaving little room for user preference. Ventus changes the game by allowing users to adjust the tension of the knife's opening and closing action.

How it Works: The system is ingeniously designed, featuring a mechanism that lets you modify the spring tension with precision. Whether you prefer a smoother, easier opening or a firmer, more secure feel, the adjustment can be made quickly and effortlessly. This level of customization is particularly beneficial for various tasks – from intricate, detailed work to more robust, heavy-duty applications.

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