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Real Steel Luna TS Urban EDC Slip Joint Pocket Folding Knife -2.76" Bohler N690 Blade And Anodized Titanium Handle

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SKU: 7001TS02

Color: Tan Bronze

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Blade Steel: Böhler N690
Handle Material: Anodized and stonewashed Titanium
Lock/Opening: Slip joint/Nail Nick
Blade Length/Blade Thickness: 70mm/2.15mm - 2.76"/0.08"
Total Length/Closed Length: 168mm/98mm - 6.61"/3.86"
Weight: 75g / 2.65oz
Designer: Jakub Wieczorkiewicz (Poltergeist Works)

The Luna TS: An Artistic Masterpiece for Every Adventure

The Luna TS, a masterpiece born from the acclaimed Luna lineup by Poltergeist. Unveiling this exclusive series, available solely at the RSK store, boasting a limited edition of no more than 50pcs for each model. Prepare to be enchanted by the Luna TS's single-color anodized handle, revealing a mesmerizing array of shades, ensuring that each knife is a truly unique work of art.

Are you tired of compromising on slicing precision and carry compliance with traditional knives? The Luna Titanium addresses these pain points effortlessly. Crafted with a remarkable Bohler N690 blade and an ultra-thin grind, it stands as an exceptional slicing tool, maintaining sharpness while allowing for effortless sharpening.

For those navigating legal carry regulations, the Luna comes with no locking mechanism, providing peace of mind in various locations. Its opening simplicity, using the notch in the large nail, offers a hassle-free experience. While one-handed operation may not be an option, Luna's unmatched functionality surpasses expectations.

Immerse yourself in a world of exclusivity and unparalleled functionality with the Luna TS. Elevate your everyday carry experience with this exceptional pocket knife, where craftsmanship meets practicality. Embrace the uniqueness of each Luna model and savor the exceptional cutting performance it delivers.

Key Features:

  • Limited Edition: Exclusive series with no more than 50pcs for each model.

  • Bohler N690 Blade: Ultra-thin grind for exceptional slicing and easy sharpening.

  • Legal Carry Compliance: No locking mechanism, adhering to various carry regulations.

  • Effortless Opening: Notch in the large nail ensures hassle-free use.

  • Craftsmanship & Practicality: Embrace a unique blend of artistry and functionality.

  • Exceptional Cutting Performance: Elevate your everyday carry with Luna's unmatched precision.

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