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Real Steel Akuma Tactical Flipper Folding Pocket Knife-3.74" Böhler K110 Blade and G10 Handle, Designed by Ivan D. Braginets

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SKU: 9112

Color: Green G10

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Akuma Tactical Flipper Knife
Blade Steel: Bohler K110
Handle Material: G10
Lock/Opening: Liner Lock/Hole+Flipper
Blade Length/Blade Thickness: 95mm/3.50mm - 3.74''/0.14"
Total Length/Closed Length: 217mm/121mm - 8.54’/4.79"
Weight: 115.6g/4.08oz
Designer: Ivan Braginets

The Akuma: A Tactical Marvel

The Akuma, a tactical flipper knife crafted by Ivan Braginets, draws inspiration from the formidable character in Street Fighter, resonating with your adventurous spirit. Say goodbye to compromise and embrace the beauty of Austrian Bohler K110 steel, carefully selected to adorn this budget-friendly marvel. At RealSteel Knives, we believe in delivering quality without breaking the bank, and the Akuma embodies this ethos.

Attention Outdoor and EDC Enthusiasts!

Are you tired of settling for less in your tools? The Akuma understands the frustrations of outdoor and EDC enthusiasts who seek excellence without draining their pockets. Experience a knife that mirrors your passion for precision and durability.

Interest for Collectors and Emergency Personnel

For collectors and emergency personnel alike, the Akuma stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Its G10 handles with colored liners add a touch of sophistication while embodying the essence of strength and resilience, a must-have addition to any collection or toolset.

Desire for Survivalists and Preppers

Survivalists and preppers, envision a companion that caters to your needs. The Akuma, designed reminiscent of the revered S Series Havran, offers three distinct opening methods - flipper tab, opening hole, and thumb stud. Adaptability is now at your fingertips.

Action for Knife Enthusiasts and Tactical Aficionados

Knife enthusiasts and tactical aficionados, the Akuma is your call to action. With flathead screws and a stylized deep carry pocket clip, this knife is not just a tool; it's a statement. Seamlessly blending form and function, it reflects your dedication to precision and style.

Excitement That's Unparalleled

Feel the pulse of excitement as you wield the Akuma, resonating with the power and elegance of its namesake. From the touch of Austrian Bohler K110 steel to the swift, versatile opening methods, every aspect ignites the thrill of adventure.

Unlock the Power of Akuma:

  • Triple Opening Methods: Flipper tab, opening hole, and thumb stud for customizable handling.
  • Austrian Bohler K110 Steel: Perfect balance of strength and sharpness, setting new standards in budget performance.
  • G10 Handles with Colored Liners: Striking aesthetics fused with durability for a tactical edge.
  • Flathead Screws and Stylized Deep Carry Pocket Clip: Seamless maintenance and an elevated futuristic look.
  • Discreet Lanyard for Easy Carry: Convenience meets style with an extra touch of functionality.
  • Versatile Tactical Presence: Designed to cater to a range of outdoor, EDC, and tactical needs, promising an exhilarating experience with every use.

Gear up with the Akuma, where precision meets panache. Elevate your outdoor ventures, everyday carry, and collection to a whole new level. Take action, embrace the allure, and wield the power of the Akuma today!

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