RealSteel Knives – Made in China

In 2023 RSK will celebrate their 10th anniversary, we sincerely thank you for your years of loyalty and support.

About Company

We have never forgotten why we started. The passion and enthusiasm that drive us to develop exceptional knives and overcome challenges is the key to our success. Not only do we have a treasure trove of experience and know-how in development and production, but we also see innovation and creation as our higher mission. Our goal has always been to bring you products with outstanding design, material, quality at affordable prizes.

Real Steel Knives was founded in 2013 in Hangzhou China. Over time, RSK has built up a wide range of products and has managed to be a leader in some product lines. We cooperate with professional designers to realize aesthetic and durable knives. Our business partners are not only an important pillar of our growth, but also important partners in the exchange of knowledge and experience. We would also like to thank our fans who motivate us to get better every day through their support and feedback. Together we are working to revolutionize the knife industry and always provide you with the best possible quality and service. In the next 10 years we will bring many more products and innovations to the market. We appreciate your loyalty and trust in our company and look forward to a successful future.