Real Steel Rokot EDC Front Flipper Liner Lock Folding Knife- 3.74" Bohler N690 Blade,G10 Handle

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Color: Imperial White/Black

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Overall Length

210mm / 8.27"

Closed Length

115mm / 4.53"

Blade Length

95mm / 3.74"

Blade Thickness

3.5mm / 0.14"

Blade Material

Bohler N690

Blade Hardness

58-60 HRC

Blade Style

Drop Point

Blade Finish


Handle Material




Lock Type

Front Flipper/ Liner Lock


Ivan D. Braginets

Made in




The Rokot designed by Ivan Braginets, a testament to accessible excellence in blade craftsmanship. Ivan, renowned for his premium S-Series models, has now made his mark with a creation that beckons to all. The Rokot, seemingly simple at first glance, harbors a world of intricate details that sets it apart.

In a world filled with ordinary, the Rokot emerges as a multifaceted companion. Three opening mechanisms – front flipper, thumb stud, and nail groove – grant unparalleled versatility, adapting to your preference and circumstance.

Crafted from Bohler N690, a step above D2 steel, the blade embodies precision and strength ideal for our tactical knives. But it doesn't stop there. The handle, a canvas of Morse code in dots and dashes, silently whispers the name of its visionary designer. The jimped spine of both handle and blade offers a steadfast grip, ensuring confidence in every motion.

The Rokot thrives on adaptability, featuring a reversible pocket clip, catering to both right and left-handed users. Ivan's ingenious screw design simplifies disassembly, providing an effortless path for maintenance and customization.

In an aesthetic dance of contrasts, the black and white model showcases a blackwashed blade against a canvas of white G10, harmoniously juxtaposed with black small parts. The epitome of elegance and functionality, the Rokot stands as a beacon of Ivan's quintessential design philosophy.


Product Features:

  • Triple Opening Mechanism: Front flipper, thumb stud, and nail groove for versatile and convenient usage.

  • Bohler N690 Blade: Elevated blade material for enhanced performance and durability.

  • Morse Code Handle Design: A unique touch spelling out the designer's name in Morse code, adding a personal flair.

  • Ambidextrous Pocket Clip: Reversible clip for adaptability, catering to both right and left-handed users.

  • Easy Maintenance: Ivan’s designed screws allow straightforward disassembly with a simple screwdriver.

  • Striking Aesthetic: Blackwashed blade against white G10, an epitome of elegant contrast.

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