SYLPH Liner Lock knife

SYLPH Liner Lock knife

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Crave a unique EDC experience? The SYLPH (a spirit of the air) boasts a double-folded handle for a striking, bolt gun-inspired aesthetic. 

Performance Meets Design:

Each SYLPH features a 3.15" (80mm) Nitro-V steel blade, renowned for its exceptional edge retention and slicing. Dual thumb studs on both sides allow for effortless one-handed deployment, perfect for all users. A reversible deep-carry pocket clip ensures comfortable, discreet everyday carry.

Unleash the Potential:

Cutting-Edge Design: The SYLPH's double-folded handle and bolt gun inspiration are unlike anything you've seen before.

Blade Performance: Nitro-V steel ensures a sharp, reliable blade for everyday tasks. 

Lightweight Comfort: Don't let the armored look fool you – the SYLPH is surprisingly comfortable to carry.

Built to Last: Poltergeist Works' signature liner lock system and oversized bolts guarantee smooth operation and secure blade lockup.

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