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Modern Slipjoint: The Solis from the Chinese manufacturer Real Steel shows how well tradition and modernity go together.

   Anyone who still thinks of grandfather's hippekniep (german for a traditional Folding Knife maybe change to Camillus a traditional US brand or just change to Grandfath. Folding knife) when it comes to slipjoint knives has missed out. This is not to deny the qualities and the undeniably charming style of classic folding knives, but rather to show: Slipjoint is also quite modern!

   The Solis from the Chinese manufacturer RealSteel is produced based on a design by Jakub Wieczorkiewicz - known to knife enthusiasts under his artist name "Poltergeist" - and is a prime example of how well a classic holding mechanism can be harmonized with a high-quality finish and modern materials.
Like a classic folding knife à la Swiss Army Knife, the Solis has a back spring that springs into a notch in the blade tang when the blade is fully unfolded. To fold the blade in, you have to overcome the force of the back spring. This is not a lock, but at least ensures that the blade does not fold in too easily.

   The back spring was pleasantly strong on the test specimen. In addition, the blade snaps into place on its way back into the handle at 45 degree. This provides additional safety. The blade comes to rest in the handle without any impact. Therefore, there is no need to worry about wear on the cutting edge.
The blade was excellently sharpened when tested. Equally pleasing is the blade geometry of the Solis, which ensures high cutting ease. The modified sheepfoot shape of the blade looks also very elegant.

   For the steel, RealSteel relies on the wear-resistant and rustproof N690 of the Austrian manufacturer Böhler. In the test we used it to cut young tree shoots, dried and surprisingly hard plant and flower stems, cardboard packaging and ropes. All no problem for the steel. The Solis also making a good impression in carving. Foodstuffs are no problem anyway.

   What distinguishes the Solis in particular is the low weight of not even 80 grams - and that with extremely high stability of the handle and the entire construction. The self-supporting shells are made of lightweight and absolutely rust-resistant titanium. The handle scales are connected to the back spring by Torx screws. The shapely blade axis is also Torx-screwed and can therefore be readjusted. However, there was no reason to do so during our test period. The blade stood without any lateral play until the end.
   The Solis is distinguished by its low weight and high high stability at the same time - the slender blade cross-section ensures special cutting enjoyment

   With the deep-carry clip mounted on the right, the flat knife, which is nevertheless comfortable to hold, sits low and completely unobtrusively in the pocket or behind the waistband. But when you need it, it's there with its cutting power and elegant looks. Skilled users can also unfold the blade with just one hand. Conclusion: The RealSteel Solis is a pocket knife on a very high level. You really can't make a modern slipjoint much better than this. And the prize is right, too.
Product  Specifications

Manufacturing country China
Blade length 7.3 cm
Blade thickness 2.2 mm
Blade grind flat
Blade steel N690
Rust resistant yes
Hardness Rockwell C 57-60 HRC
Length handle 9.8 cm
Thickness handle 1.0 cm
Handle material titanium
locking no
Clip tip up right
Dismountable yes
Left-handed yes
Weight 77g
Prize EUR 99.80
Variants coated
inculded microfiber cloth
 Text: Oliver Lang

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