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Luna Maius is our triumphant response to the massive success of the original Luna, born out of a fiery collaboration between Real Steel Knives and Poltergeist Works. With the urge to push boundaries and evolve the EDC design, we crafted the Luna Maius - a bigger, stronger, and bolder EDC version of its predecessor.

But make no mistake, Luna Maius is not just a Luna XL with a new coat of paint. Instead, it boasts unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. With its larger size and weight, Luna Maius is built for the toughest of tasks, requiring a bit more muscle than its smaller sibling.

Luna Maius is our response to the overwhelming popularity of the original Luna. After many variations it was time to evolve the design into something new - the Luna Maius (bigger/stronger) was born. From the start we’ve decided that because of the larger size it has to be a locking folder. It features the tried and solid backlock mechanism.

Some of the best features were transferred from the original Luna such as a full flat grind blade with a fuller that allows for the optional thumb stud to be installed. This helps make the knife legal in more places around the world.

The handle shape milled out of solid titanium is 3D contoured to better fill the palm of the hand and features an equally complex and beautiful 3D milled pocket clip. At the same time, the simultaneous use of anodizing and stonewashing gives the handle a vintage visual while having a great feel and texture.

The pocket clip mounting screws are hidden for a clean look that is known from the original Luna design. In other places, oversized screws were used to reinforce the character of Maius.

Despite the increased size Luna Maius is still a great candidate for an elegant EDC as it remains compact and slim giving the user that little bit of extra blade length and some more beautiful details to admire in a free moment.

Real Steel Luna Maius EDC Urban lockback pocket knifeReal Steal Luna Maius Tan Bronze


 But let's cut to the chase and dive into the stats:

Blade length 76 mm / 3 in
Blade thickness 3.00 mm / 0.10 in
Blade grind flat
Blade steel N690
Rust resistant yes
Hardness Rockwell C 57-60 HRC
Handle material titanium
Locking system lockback
Ambidextrous yes
Weight 118 g / 4.18 oz
Included  thumb stud, microfiber cloth


Real Steel Knives incorporated the original Luna's best features into the Luna Maius, such as a full flat grind blade and a big fuller that allows for the optional thumb stud installation. The thumb stud makes for an easy one-handed opening, particularly useful when your other hand is preoccupied. But the thumb stud's installation remains optional to ensure the Luna Maius is legal in more regions worldwide. 

We knew from the start that a locking folder was the way to go with Luna Maius's larger size. While Luna boasts a slip joint mechanism, Luna Maius features a more robust lockback mechanism, also called back lock. The lockback mechanism utilizes a spring-loaded bar that engages with a notch on the blade's spine to lock it securely in place when open. This ensures the blade remains locked and secure during use, providing added safety and control.

Advantages of Real Steels Luna Maius lockback mechanism:

  • Durability: The lockback mechanism is a simple, durable design built to withstand repeated use and abuse. 

  • Ambidextrous: Our Lockback mechanisms can easily operate with either hand, which makes them ideal for left-handed users

  • Easy to use: Lockback mechanism is straightforward to use.

  • Safety: The lockback mechanism also adds extra safety to folding knives, preventing accidental blade closure when in use.

If you come across a lockback mechanism for the first time, you may have some difficulties unlocking it for closure. Fear not! We have covered some simple steps to help you master the technique.

To close the Luna Maius, follow these simple steps:

1. Hold the knife handle in your dominant hand with your fingers wrapped around the handle.

Real Steel Luna Maius EDC pocket knife lockback knife

2. With your thumb, push the lock release mechanism at the handle's rear end.

3. While holding the lock release, use your other hand to push the blade back into the handle carefully.

4. Now change the grip of the holding hand upwards, and by doing that, release the lock release mechanism.

5. As the blade moves to the closed position, push it into the handle until it clicks into place.

Hear that click? That's the sound of a masterfully crafted piece of art, from appearance to performance. The Luna Maius - it's a knife that truly stands out in every aspect. 

Hold onto your hats because we'll dive into what makes the Luna Maius unique. One of the standout features of this knife is the bearings on the back of the locking bar. Say goodbye to discomfort when closing the pocket knife - this one covers you with an extra smooth grip. You won't find this level of functionality on your average lockback knife. 

But that's not all - the Luna Maius is crafted with the finest materials to ensure it stands the test of time. The premium 069N steel used for the blade is a cut above the rest, boasting top-notch edge retention and corrosion resistance. When it comes to heavy-duty folding knives, this is the cream of the crop. 

And let's talk about that handle - it's milled out of solid titanium with a 3D contour that perfectly fills the palm of your hand. But it's not just about function - the Luna Maius is a work of art, with a 3D milled deep carry pocket clip. Plus, the mounting screws for the clip are hidden, giving it a clean and polished look. And who could forget that engraved logo on the characteristic drop point blade by the one and only Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works? It's the icing on the cake. 

The Luna Maius is perfect for those who demand style and function. Despite its larger size, it remains compact and slim, making it an excellent choice for everyday carry. But don't just take our word for it - get your hands on one and see for yourself. And for all Luna lovers, watch for an upcoming affordable version with a G10 handle. Make sure you get the launch of the Real Steel lockback knife Luna Maius!


Luna Maius has a satin finished blade.

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Why isn’t it made with a satin blade?
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