The Ventus: Revolutionizing EDC with Adjustable Tension System (ATS)

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Key Takeaways:

Feature Description
Adjustable Tension System (ATS) Customizable blade tension across low, medium, high settings
Ergonomic TC4 Handle Brown stonewashed design for balance and grip
Superior Blade Material Durable and sharp N690 steel
Designer Crafted by POLTERGEIST WORKS
Innovative 3D Clip Enhances functionality and style
Overall Design Modern aesthetics meet traditional slipjoint elements


ATS for Slip joint

ATS stands for “Adjustable Tension System” and is a system specially developed for slip joint folding knives that solves the problem of spring tension. Its principle is to change the pivot position of the back spring by rotating the eccentric (the spacer sleeve in the middle of the handle), thereby changing the spring tension.

There are three levels of adjustable spring tension: high, medium, and low. Operating the ATS is extremely easy. All you need to do is turn the middle screw clockwise with a wrench. The stages alternate in the order 0-1-2-3-2-1-0, and each stage corresponds to a clear position. The Ventus is our first knife model to use the ATS.

Adjustable Spring Tension System (ATS)ATS: Detailed Guide on Usage Using the ATS is straightforward yet innovative. For adjustment, locate the screw on the knife. Turning it clockwise or counterclockwise will increase or decrease the tension, respectively. This feature allows the knife to adapt to various tasks and user preferences, setting the Ventus apart in the realm of EDC knives.

Ever wished you could adjust your knife's opening tension? 🤔 The Real Steel Ventus with ATS lets you do just that! Find your perfect balance between smooth and secure.
This innovative design lets YOU control the feel of the blade with a simple twist of a screw (see it in the Video). Choose from three tension levels by Turn screw clockwise.

Choose your perfect feel:

  • Low tension: Smooth, effortless opening
  • Medium tension: Just-right balance 
  • High tension: Firm and secure  
  • Plus, a zero-level setting allows for easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance.

Ergonomic Comfort and Style The Ventus is as much about comfort as it is about functionality. The ergonomically designed handle in brown stonewashed TC4 is crafted for balance and grip, ensuring comfort in prolonged use. 

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Quality You Can Feel At the core of the Ventus is its blade, made from high-quality N690 steel, known for its sharpness and durability. The expertise of POLTERGEIST WORKS is evident in the design, blending modern aesthetics with the classic appeal of slipjoint knives, making it a symbol of quality and craftsmanship.

A New Standard in Slipjoint Knives The Ventus is part of a distinguished series by Real Steel Knives, known for their innovative approach to traditional knife design. The ATS system in the Ventus sets a new benchmark, offering unprecedented control and customization in a slipjoint knife.

Conclusion The Ventus Slipjoint Pocket Knife from Real Steel Knives is a perfect blend of innovation, functionality, and style. With its Adjustable Spring Tension System and ergonomic design, it stands out as a top choice for knife enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

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