Real Steel Pilgrim 22 Knife Carry Bag

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The Pilgrim 22 is no ordinary knife carry bag. This bag goes beyond the standard requirements for a bag of its kind and upgrades every aspect. Perfectly attuned for the carrying of knife and tools in one easy to fold easy to withdraw bag.

Similar to many military and special service high grade equipment the P22 utilizes 1050D ballistic nylon which is ranked extremely high in strength The interior of the bag is coated wit the softest material in berber fleece that prevents the scratching or weathering of contents stored inside the bag.

As its name sake the Pilgrim 22 has 22 TUP see through pockets on its interior, which are especially resistant to tearing and piercing. These pockets also allow the user to directly see the contents stored inside. Designed in standardized pocket knife specifications the pockets can easily fit small to medium pockets knife and or smaller neck knives.

To further ensure that the contents stored inside the P22 are even safer when folded, an aluminium plate has been designed and implemented into the front of the display side of the bag to prevent any serious shock or damage to the contents inside also maintaining the bags strong exterior structure. 

At full capacity carrying 22 knives in a bag might a worrisome task. However, the specially designed safety hook and snap hook that the handles can be attached to ensure confidence of carry. This fantastic feature also allows the bag to be attached to tactical equipment or gear such back packs. These features not only allow for safe carry but also allow for the quick and confident attachment of the sling to the bag.

The most outstanding feature of the Pilgrim 22 is the Duraplex quick release access and lock. When in closed state the bag Duraplex release access can be slipped into its receiving lock to ensure that the bag does not open unexpectedly. This access can hold the weight of a full packed bag with 22 knives in it, yet can also be released with a slight pull of the access cord presenting the contents of the bag.  

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