Real Steel Luna Lux Slip Joint G10 Back Spring knives (2.76" Black DLC Coating K110 Blade) G10 Handle

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SKU: 7001Z3

Color: Grey G10

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Overall Length

168mm/ 6.61"

Closed Length

98mm / 3.86"

Blade Length

70mm/ 2.76"

Blade Thickness

2.2mm / 0.09" 

Blade Material


Blade Hardness

59-61 HRC

Blade Style

Drop Point

Blade Finish

Black DLC Coating

Handle Material

Grey / Purple / Black / Ivory G 10



Lock Type

Nail Groove / SlipJoint


Jakub Wieczorkiewicz 


Made in




Explore the Luna Lux Series: Where precision meets innovation in a lightweight design. Embrace the next generation of slipjoint knives.

Presenting the Luna Lux Series - an exceptional collection of slipjoint knives, merging innovation with stellar elegance. These aren't mere tools; they embody sophistication, practicality, and avant-garde design, inspired by the celestial elements of the moon, stars, and sun.

Revolutionary in construction, RSK introduces composite materials as back springs. Discover the strength of G10 handles a material surpassing expectation, in SRK's latest innovative design.

Lightweight Design with Composite G10 Back Spring:
Redefining the norms of knife construction, The Luna Lux Series features a composite G10 back spring, known for its remarkable strength and durability. This lightweight yet robust material ensures that each knife in the series offers snappy performance without weighing you down.

Revolutionized Pocket Clip:
Innovation continues with the Luna Lux Series' pocket clip. Expertly 3D milled from the same G10 material, it matches the strength of steel while minimizing metal usage. This design not only enhances the knife's aesthetic appeal but also sets a new standard in the weight-to-performance ratio in slipjoint knives.

Inspired by 'Light':
The essence of 'light' is beautifully captured in every aspect of these knives. The Luna Lux Series is designed to offer an enlightened experience in both aesthetics and functionality, paying homage to its Latin roots and bringing a touch of celestial elegance to your everyday carry.

Exceptional Durability:
Durability is never an afterthought in the Luna Lux Series. The reinforced spring-to-blade contact ensures these knives can withstand various applications, making them reliable for both everyday tasks and more demanding challenges.

Cutting-Edge Innovation and Design:
As a beacon of innovation and design, The Luna Lux Series stands at the forefront of modern knife making. It's not just a series of knives; it's a promise of a bright future for knife enthusiasts, combining tradition with futuristic innovation.

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Real Steel LUX Series

G10 Backspring Knife Strength & Performance-Factory Test

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