Real Steel Lightweight Alumium Glass Breaker, Designed by Ostap Hel (Not sold Separately)

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SKU: F1300

Color: Black

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With more up his sleeves than just knives, Ostap has provided the RSK selection with the smartest Firestarter design on the market. Made with prime Alu material the body is very lightweight. The firestarter face built into the inside of body and when unscrewed the long shaft of the firestarter can be braced against the firestarter face for maximum effect. The body is finished with 3 different colours grey, gold and black giving the great option of choice. On top of this the exceedingly small fitted to the top of the body the RSK Firestarter is a sublime, sleek piece of work. A strong and robust key ring attachment comes fitted allowing for the attachment to a multitude of devices or kits.

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