6-in-1 FTP Tool Flat Torx Philips Poltergeist Works - Multi-Function Screwdriver Set

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Product Specifications:

-Flat head screwdriver

-Torx 6/8 screwdriver

-Hexagon socket  M3.5/M2.5/M2/M1.7

-Phillips screwdriver

 *** We apologize, but this item is not currently available for individual purchase. However, it is available for purchase with knives.

Our 6-in-1 FTP Tool – a versatile accessory featuring a Flathead screwdriver, Torx driver, and Philips head. Though not considered professional-grade, it serves as a handy and simple tool.

Wear it around your neck for easy access or as an ornament, making it perfect for handling uncomplicated tasks.


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