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Rokot is still a young product in our lineup. The Rokot designed by Ivan Braginets is unlike his other models in many ways, while at the same time still looking exactly like an 'Ivan Braginets' design. We love the Rokot for all the same reasons our fans doo. The modern and futuristic design, the number of deployment options, the morse code handle and clip, and of course that action. The action that every EDC and tactical pocket knife needs. The story of the Rokot is not long but it is one filled with some awesome creations and fantastic pocket knife variations

Everything started with the first Rokot folding knife; Rokot G10. Ivan brought this knife to us and when we first looked at the drawings we were somewhat dumbfounded. What are these lines and dashes on the handle? This was something we had not seen before and wanted to know more from Ivan about it. It turned out as we all know now that these lines were dots and dashes, Morse code that spelled out the name of the designer on the handle. Something you do not see every day and we loved this idea. Let's be honest we are not all sailors and Morse code doesn't come to a lot of us easily, but what a way to make your mark on something you have made than to have your name printed all over it, but not in an offensive in your face way. Once we had ironed out the small details, handle material, and blade material we went ahead with production.

The first release of the Rokot did not go well for us. The knife at first look did not seem to strike a chord with our fans and the knife community generally. We were unsure why and wanted to know more. At the time Ivan was an upcoming designer with a few pocket knives under his belt, but a huge amount. We thought it might be this, but it wasn't. We eventually found out that it was due to lack of exposure of the knife in the knife community, as on the face of things the knife isn't conventional and a lot of people did not take to it because of that, but once the community started to see how functional and well done the knife was, and how good the action of the Rokot was then things started to change and the Rokot was taken in by all in the knife community, which we were extremely happy about. From a technical standpoint, this knife is one of our best, the engineering and work that goes into this knife is of an extremely high level. As Ivan also has a strong background in CNC and manufacturing a lot of the drawings were of high quality some needed to match this and excel it.

Rokot Sample Division
Because of this in the middle of 2020, we had a surplus of carbon fiber, G10, and Micarta handles for the Rokot that we had done nothing with. And we thought this was the perfect time to test some other Rokot samples on the market to see how they would go down. We took the leftover G10, carbon fiber and micarta handles that we had used during market testing and attached them to a small batch of Rokots. This was essentially the start of the Sample Division as we know it, with the arrival of these Rokot knives. This first batch sold out in a couple of days and to our surprise, the knife community wanted to see more of them. It was at this point that we had already started some dealer customs with a couple of partners and decided that the Rokot deserves another go but in a different format. This is the birth of Rokot White G10, or now known as the Rokot Imperial.

Rokot Imperial
Why black and white - why not? It looked too cool on samples we had made that we had to go forward with it. Other options were in the mix too such as blackout Rokot which too is a show stopper of a pocket knife. We made a small batch of these knives that are still selling in the shop now. So if you like the look of this Star Wars-inspired pocket knife get over to the shop now and make one yours.

Rokot Green Micarta
After the Rokot Imperial came to the Green Micarta version. Micarta was something that we had to do on the Rokot after seeing the reaction to the Samples we had made back in the middle of 2020. Micarta scales we thought would be a huge problem with the Morse Code, but this was not to be the case and the Morse code pattern came out great on the handles.

Rokot Dealer Custom Models
We have several custom models running with mainly our Eastern European dealers, but this has also expanded to the US, with Knife Nuts Podcast also carrying some of the micarta models too.

Rokot Compact - The FUTURE?
The future of the Rokot is smaller, well smaller in dimension should we say. So many in the community have been crying out for a smaller more compact version of the Rokot and this is what we will be bringing at the end of this year. With some dealer customs to go along with this too.

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