Luna Maius Eco: A Reliable and Affordable Workhorse

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Luna Maius ECO, the new G10/10Cr15CoMoV version of the Luna Maius series, is set to be released in June 2023. This budget-friendly knife is designed to cater to EDC, outdoor enthusiasts, and tactical professionals who require a reliable tool for everyday activities. We will explore the features of the Luna Maius Eco, its differences from the Titan version, and why it is a must-have for any knife enthusiast. 


Luna Maius Eco
Concept Design Luna Maius Eco


The Features of Maius Eco                    

The Maius Eco G10/10Cr15CoMov Version has been designed with functionality and durability in mind. Here are some of its features:

Blade Steel: The blade steel of the Maius Eco has been changed to 10Cr15CoMov from N660, making it an optimal cost-performance ratio blade. 10Cr15CoMov is a high-carbon alloy steel known for its good edge retention and ease of sharpening, making it ideal for a range of tasks.

Handle Material: The handle of the Maius Eco version is made from G10, which is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate. G10 is a lightweight and durable material that provides a secure grip and is resistant to impact, moisture, and chemicals.

Clip: The Maius Eco comes with a standard clip instead of a 3D milled titanium clip found in the Titan version. The clip is also sturdy and provides a secure hold, making it easy to carry the knife wherever you go. Thumb Studs The thumb studs of the Maius Eco are produced by investment casting instead of CNC machining, which keeps the cost low but still keeps the precise result.

Luna Maius Eco

Why You Need the Maius Eco

The Maius Eco  is a reliable and affordable workhorse that offers the same level of quality and performance as the Titan version. It is a must-have for anyone who needs a sturdy and dependable knife for outdoor activities, hunting, or tactical professions.

1. Reliability
The Maius Eco is designed to withstand harsh conditions and tasks, making it a reliable tool that you can depend on.

2. Affordability
The Maius Eco is priced lower than the Titan version, making it accessible to anyone who wants a high-quality knife without breaking the bank.

The Maius Eco is suitable for a wide range of activities, from camping and hiking to hunting and tactical professions.


In conclusion, the Luna Maius ECO  version is a reliable and high-performing knife that offers great value for its price. Its 10Cr15CoMoV  blade steel and G10 handle to make it a tough workhorse that can handle any task thrown at it. Although it may not have the premium features of the Titan version, it is still a solid choice for those who want a dependable knife without breaking the bank. With its expected release date in June 2023, the Luna Maius ECO version is definitely worth considering for anyone in the market for a new knife. Its affordability and quality make it a great option for both everyday carry and outdoor activities. Whether you're a seasoned knife enthusiast or just starting out, the Luna Maius ECO G10/10Cr15CoMoV version is definitely a knife to keep an eye on.


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