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Discover our collection of diverse and innovative folding pocket knife as well as fixed blade everyday use knife products.

Sacra Knives

Sacra Knives have lightweight integral frames. The integral knife construction technique is not commonly seen in modern folding knives due to the precision required in the manufacturing process. Done correctly, it results in a durable and easy-to-maintain knife that is rare to find in the market today.

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Huginn Knives

Our Huginn knife features a slide lock, making it our first product with this feature. The Liner Lock offers a significant advantage as it is highly secure, even under heavy use. It is also comfortable for both right and left-handed users. Its slim and flat design makes it easy to carry, a real EDC knife.

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Muninn Knives

The Muninn embodies the spirit of Odin's revered raven, and its unique design is an actual work of art. This dagger like tactical knife has a compact and lightweight design thanks to its maxed out skeletonized liner, that also ensures a perfectly balanced knife.

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