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Survival Kit-Elementary

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SKU: K3515

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1. Survival pouch
2. Survival knife with sheath: Marlin
3. Multifunctional Compass 4. 10m/33’
4. paracord 5. Fire starter
6. Emergency blanket
7. Emergency whistle
8. Signal Mirror
9. Fretsaw
10. Fishhook and wire
11. Sewing kit
12. Safety pin.

The Survival Kit Elementary is RSK’s answers to the true survivalist The entry level version of the kit provides all the essential's needed to survive in the wild along with RSK and Ostap Hel design Marlin tactical fixed blade. RSK’s newly designed tactical bag design allows it to be deployed in a multitude of places, along the belt, attached to a rucksack or simply hand held. 

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