Real Steel LUNA Maius Backlock Pocket Folding Knife -3.03" Satin Bohler N690 Blade and Titanium Handle

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$120.00USD $180.00
SKU: 7095

Color: Luna Maius Violet

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Product Specifications:

Blade Steel:

Bohler N690 - Satin

Handle Material:



Lockback/Thumb Stud

Blade Length/Blade Thickness:

77mm/2.7mm - 3.03"/0.11"

Total Length/Closed Length:

184mm/107mm - 7.24"/4.21"




Jakub Wieczorkiewicz (Poltergeist Works)


Luna Maius: Enhanced Elegance & Functionality

Real Steel proudly unveils the Luna Maius, a sophisticated evolution of the widely acclaimed original Luna. The Luna Maius, embodying strength and size, is a result of numerous enhancements to its predecessor. Recognizing the demand for a larger model, the Luna Maius emerges as a locking folder knife, incorporating a robust and reliable backlock mechanism.

It retains several hallmark features of the original Luna, including the full flat grind blade equipped with a fuller. This design accommodates an optional thumb stud, enhancing the knife's legality in various regions globally.

Despite its increased size, the Luna Maius remains an ideal choice for an elegant Everyday Carry (EDC) knife. Its compact and slim profile offers users extra blade length without compromising on convenience or style.

The Luna Maius is not just a tool; it's a masterpiece to be admired, blending functionality with exquisite design details that capture the essence of Real Steel's commitment to excellence in knife-making.

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Real Steel LUNA Maius Backlock Pocket Folding Knife -3.03" Satin Bohler N690 Blade and Titanium Handle

$120.00USD $180.00



Jakub Wieczorkiewicz

Lock & Open Types

Lockback, Thumb Stud

Knife Type

Folding Knives

Blade Type


Blade Length

3" - 4"

Blade Material

Böhler N690

Blade Hardness

N690(58-60 HRC)

Handle Material

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