Meet the Real Steel Knife Designers

Meet the visionary knife designers at Real Steel, where innovation meets craftsmanship. These talented artisans create exceptional blades with unique styles and expertise.

    Jakub's modern aesthetics from Poland: he uses almost exclusively individual parts made by himself, which are then assembled into a knife. We are especially proud that a large part of RSK's assortment comes from his pen, as his designs fit perfectly into RSK's corporate identity.

    Luna / Stella / Phasma / Solis / Sidus / Shade / Precision / Terra Sorrow / Crusader / Connector

    Ostap Hel elegant lines and sleek design from Poland: he has been working on making blades since he was young. His knives are characterized by basic geometry, smooth transitions and the concept of the golden ratio. Nevertheless, he experiments a lot with new shapes and ideas.

    S5 Metamorph / G-Frame / Gslip

    Carson Huang the Chinese master designer: Carson has done a lot of pioneering work in knife development through his many inventions such as various safety locks and ball bearings. Carson's designs are soft in appearance but incredibly strong and sturdy, preferring to design large knives.

    Megalodon / Harrier / E775 / Griffin / Cormorant Apex

    Ivan D. Braginet Balance from the Ukraine: he built his first folding knife when he was only 15 years old. Through his expertise as an engineer and his eye for craftsmanship, he finds the optimal balance between aesthetics and functionality. His philosophy, the knife is not only a tool, but also an object with a unique harmony.

    Bruns / Huginn / Rokot / Akuma / Havran / Relict