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Welcome to Real Steel Custom!

We offer a range of high-quality blade steels, including 14C28N, N690, K110, Nitro-V, and D2. These steels are known for their excellent properties, making them popular choices for knife-making.

We have now implemented well over 100 custom projects, including for the most successful companies in our industry such as B. Böker, Knives and Tools, Heinnie Haynes, BRK, Blade HQ, Knife Center, Lamnia and White Mountains.

 Thanks to our skills in design, development, capacity, flexibility and responsiveness to recognize market trends, our customer is at the right place with his own idea. Of course, we, in cooperation with designers, are happy to advise you when it comes to the question of the market situation, design, material selection, processing and delivery. From the idea to delivery, RSK offers the full range of customization options, experience our one-station service!


Below are options for planning your own version, please contact us for further information!

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