Real Steel Solis Denim Micarta EDC Slip Joint Folding Pocket Knife -2.91" Bohler N690 Satin Blade , Denim Micarta Handle

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Blade Steel: Bohler N690 - Satin
Handle Material: Micarta
Open/Lock: Slip Joint
Blade Length/Blade Thickness: 74mm/2.1mm - 2.91"/0.08"
Total Length/Closed Length: 169mm/95mm - 6.65"/3.74"
Weight: 59g/2.08oz
Designer: Jakub Wieczorkiewicz (Poltergeist Works)

Introducing the Real Steel Solis Denim Micarta – the epitome of style and function in a modern slip joint pocket knife. Are you tired of compromising on both aesthetic and utility when it comes to your EDC gear? We understand the struggle. Here's where the Solis steps in, alleviating those concerns and embracing your need for a sophisticated, reliable companion.

🔪 Picture this: Striking denim micarta scales that catch the eye and complement your favorite pair of jeans, turning heads wherever you go. The Solis Denim Micarta is designed for the discerning outdoor and EDC enthusiast who values both form and function.

✨ Crafted from Bohler N690 steel, known for its exceptional durability and ease of sharpening, the sheepsfoot-style blade offers a straight edge and a tapering tip, making it ideal for effortless packaging opening and food preparation. Experience the difference a sharp, durable blade can make.

💪 Worried about legality? The Solis complies with legal regulations in various countries, thanks to its two-handed opening mechanism and slip joint design providing moderate resistance. Carry it discreetly and conveniently with the sleek deep-carry pocket clip – your trusted companion for any adventure.

🌟 Here's why the Real Steel Solis Denim Micarta stands out:

  • Striking Denim Micarta Scales: Eye-catching design that blends seamlessly with your style.
  • Bohler N690 Steel Blade: Remarkable durability and razor-sharp edge retention for your daily needs.
  • Legal Compliance: Designed to meet legal requirements without compromising on performance.
  • Two-Handed Opening: Easy to use and safe, ensuring you're always ready.
  • Slip Joint Design: Smooth operation with just the right amount of resistance.
  • Deep-Carry Pocket Clip: Discreet and convenient, making it a true EDC essential.

Embrace excellence in craftsmanship and make a statement with the Solis Denim Micarta. Elevate your EDC game and take a step towards a world where style meets substance effortlessly. Grab your Solis now and redefine your adventure! 

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