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About Realsteel


RSK was established in 2013 in Hangzhou, China. The team here at RSK has a huge amount of expertise and experience and was hand picked for the job of making, promoting and developing knives. There are three main principles that form the foundation for the recent success we have had. These three principles represent the way we do work and the way in which we make our products. 




“Confidence in yourself is the first step to success”-Einstein. Our confidence is built on the fundamental experience and the sheer amount of knives that we have developed in the past. This confidence to is based on the attention to details and attention to quality attitude that is shared throughout the whole RSK team. RSK is proud to be made in China, with China’s constant innovation and development in other fields inspiring us every day. 




“The tools must be sharp before you can do a proper job”-Confucius .RSK does not strive to make a lot of products with little quality or lacking in innovation, we do however display our comprehensive expertise in each and every product we release. We have the patience and the ambition to see through what we need in our first five years, and since our establishment this has been reflected in the sheer diversity of products and innovation in knife manufacturing. We developed and released our own locking systems; button lock back lock and slip joints. We too developed and released our own complicated multi-functional knife. This is done not because we think it needs to, but because we can do it, and we can do it well. In terms of were we think wee sit, we set our own benchmarks at every level, from the entry level to the high end. Thought all of this is development, RSK is still in the process of gathering strength and the wind is still under our sails.




“Difficult matters must be solved without much effort. Great matters must be handled in finite detail”-Lao-Tze. We at RSK are modest, we avidly listen to what our fans and designers have to say. In our opinion, it definitely takes two to tango and the designers and fans high recognition of our product is the biggest recognition we could take.




Product Line Series



RSK catalogue of knives are broken down into seven different and unique series, that display the full magnitude and capability of our work. RSK initially began with just the lonesome H series and how it has flourished to cover fixed knives, Bushcraft and special edition series.



H-Series- Hunter


Wilderness is not a luxury but a must of the human spirit. The Hunter series is thus a must of the outdoors man, the must of the forager, the explorer, the hunter.



E-series- Everyday Carry


Inspiration for great feats comes not from other extraordinary actions, but those that run in the river of our ever-day life. Everyday is essential, essential is all you need!





Special is not your everyday, special is not simple. Special is measured in the extraordinary feats of man, the undying thirst to achieve, to command, to prosper. The Special series is the embodiment of this wish.



G-series- Gentleman


Gentleman by nature, gentleman by action. Spurred by quality of character, the gentleman is erroneous, and carries himself with an air of grace and esteem. Just as the pack lion, the gentleman leads by example not by words alone.  


T-series- Tactical


Sun Tzu once wrote “Subtle and insubstantial, the expert leaves no trace; divinely mysterious, he is inaudible”. The Tactical series embodies this idea with subtly and ferocious cutting power.





The roots below the earth claim no reward for making the branches fruitful. Defined by its durability, the Bushcraft series is the trunk of the tree, the backbone of man the every present foundation.



Fixed Knife Series


 Just as the river will carve its way through the valley; uncompromising, stern and powerful the fixed knife series is an epoch of this natural force.