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Does the overcrowded knife industry still need a new measuring mark? Realsteel Knives answers this with innovations and a company philosophy resounds a firm‘Yes’. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been developing Realsteel Knives into a leading manufacturer of high-quality folding knives. We have earnestly listened and utilized the knowledge of our engineers and the more than 15 years of production experience of our Yulin factory to bring innovative and high-quality products to the market.



Our strategy can be visualized particularly in three aspects. The first aspect is the realization of innovative technology based on traditional engineering skills. For example, we have extended the classic locking systems such as liner lock, frame lock, back lock or button lock with their own additional patentable safety devices.The second aspect of our strategy is our presence and leadership in all classes. The E77 sets standards in the entry class, the H6 in the middle class, the G3 Puukko in the upper class and the Megalodon in the custom knives class. Even in the difficult class of multi-functional knives, Realsteel Knives is leading with the T3000 model. Because of this, Realsteel Knives ensures the consistent high quality and high product safety through 100% self-production. The third aspect is our conscious and fast response to market movements. By consistently taking into account the wishes of our customers, we are able to make all special editions and further developments of our basic models into market successes. We carefully listen to all opinions and wishes of RSK fans.


Our Team

We consider our team to be our most important resource and are accordingly elective in their composition. All our team members have proven technical excellence and are extremely enthusiastic about our products. This is daily demonstrated not only in our end product, but also in our professional graphics, 3D models and hand-made prototypes at the custom-knife level. Anyone who shows this dedication over a long period of time will naturally develop a sense of trends in the market. However, our inspiration lies not only in ourselves, but also in the cooperation with brand manufacturers, with whom we exchange knowledge and experience in an open mutual dialogue. With regards to our brand, we do not rely on leading personalities or an association with military or similar specialist associations. Simply for us it is about excellence in the form design, construction and production in the team.

We at Realsteel Knives have the opportunity as a profession to make what we love. We can do this only thanks to the fans who have ardent trust in our products. We want to give thanks to the dealers who provide a great service and thanks to the partners who consistently support us. For all of us here at Realsteel Knives we want to express a heartfelt thanks.


CEO W.X. Meng



Product Portfolio

Realsteel Knives divides its product portfolio into 3 categories: folding knives, fixed knives and accessories. The category 'Folding Knives' stands for Realsteel Knives at the center of focus and has been divided into five series as follows.



Special is not your everyday, special is not simple. Special is measured in the extraordinary feats of man, the undying thirst to achieve, to command, to prosper. The Special series is the embodiment of this wish. All S-series models are produced by our masters in limited numbers and using only the most exclusive materials. We keep the processing always at the highest level and thus justify the high collector value.



Wilderness is not a luxury but a must of the human spirit. The Hunter series is thus a must of the outdoors man, the must of the forager, the explorer, the hunter. The great success of our H6 has led us to develop a wide range of variants. Each basic model from the H5 to H9 now has individual variants, which adapt themselves to the application purpose as well as to the fashionable style of their users. S571 Pro S6 Megalodon 2017 Titan Griffin 2017 Titanium



Inspiration for great feats comes not from other extraordinary actions, but those that run in the river of our ever-day life. Everyday is essential, essential is all you need! Our E77 is the classic entry-level meter, which impresses our customers with its first-class price-performance ratio. Not infrequently, the E77 is so convincing that our customers often go back to the E571, E771, E775 or E801, all of which are distinguished by their outstanding workmanship and differ only by their distinctive design.



Sun Tzu once wrote “Subtle and insubstantial, the expert leaves no trace; divinely mysterious, he is inaudible”. The Tactical series embodies this idea with subtly and ferocious cutting power. Tactical knives have to prove themselves in hard use, for example, as a rescue knife. Realsteel Knives has a long experience with extremely solid knives such as the T3000. From these experiences, we have developed knives that combine our technical innovations with a high usable value.



Gentleman by nature, gentleman by action. Spurred by quality of character, the gentleman is erroneous, and carries himself with an air of grace and esteem. Just as the pack lion, the gentleman leads by example not by words alone. The latest series of Realsteel Knives is also the most extroverted series. With the G3 Puukko, we have brought out the first knife of this series, that combines elegance and cool hardness in perfection and gives even a simple task style and precision.


Fixed Knives

Just as the river will carve its way through the valley; uncompromising, stern and powerful the fixed knife series is an epoch of this natural force. Realsteel Knives concentrates its commitment on knives with a medium blade length. The Bushcraft and / or the Observer are perfect examples of this genre. They combine solid quality with a great price / performance ratio.



Our main focus in the accessories area is on our original components. At the same time, our products keep our consistently high quality not least due to the consequent use of specially manufactured components. From the smallest screw, to clips, ball bearings or washers, we also distribute all our original components to competitors who appreciate the quality of our work. In addition, we can also produce individual handles and scabbards as required by dealers.


Further development and special edition

As we completely control our own production process, we are able to further develop our existing models systematical and consistently. Our engineers are developing far more innovations than can be seen from the outside in the finish / bevel, or in the handles. Therefore, we are also able to implement customer requests in new models and special editions promptly and to prove that no brand is closer to the customer than Realsteel Knives.